5 Tips For Your Two Week Wait – For Pregnancy Test After IVF Procedure

5 Tips For Your Two Week Wait – For Pregnancy Test After IVF Procedure


  1. Stay away from Dr. Google: Try not to google anything, it can be a distraction and anything you read might create anxiety and worry.


  1. Keep busy: Keeping busy is a key to maintaining FOCUS and not letting worries or doubts to kick in. It is better to be working and get your mind engaged.


  1. Find your “Tribe”: Find people you can talk to who really ‘get it’. Unfortunately, unless people have struggled with trying to conceive, or undergone IVF, they simply don’t and cannot understand what it’s like. Connect to a support group like PARAH FAMILY FOUNDATION for emotional support and guidance.


  1. Take back control: Do whatever you feel is necessary to regain a little bit of power in what can seem like a never-ending uphill struggle. Whether it is exercising, meditating, making copious notes and lists, cooking lots of nutritious food. Whatever it is, indulge yourself. Ultimately IVF is completely out of your control, as is much of life, so it can help to feel like you have an influence over something.


  1. Don’t give up: This may not be the case for everyone, under no circumstances should you give up on your dream of having a family. Keep this in the forefront of your mind during the TWW, even if the result comes back negative, you will still hold on to your dream.

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