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Preparing young adults for a happy and fruitful future

Youth Fertility Awareness Initiative (YFAI) is aimed at youths from secondary through the tertiary institutions.

At Parah Family Foundation, we advocate that the younger generation should start looking at their fertility profile before they get married.


According to new infertility prevalent calculation by WHO, one in every four couples in developing countries had been found to be affected by infertility worldwide, over 48.5 million couples are unable to have a child (Primary Infertility) of which 19.2 million couples are unable to have an additional child (Secondary Infertility).

14.4 million of these live in south Asia, 10.00 million live in Sub Sahara Africa (20-35) 3.8 million in Central /Eastern Europe and Central Asia Region.

Though, the world wide prevalence of infertility is put at 8-12% of couples. However, the incidence varies from one region of the world to other, being highest in the so called infertility belt of Africa that includes Nigeria.

In contrast to an average prevalence rate of 10-15% in the developed countries, the prevalence of infertility has been notably high, variable in sub-Sahara Africa ranging from 20-46%. This has been attributed to various reasons such as high rate of sexually transmitted diseases, complications of unsafe abortions, male factors etc.

30% to male problems, 30% to female, 30% for combined (Male/Female) problems while in 10% cases there is no recognized cause (Unexplained).

According to worldometer information for January 2018, Nigeria has a growing population of 193 million. 20-25 percent of couples are going through one form of infertility or the other.

Though other authority states that 45% of all female consultations at clinics are regarding infertility treatment. Institutional based incidence of infertility reported in some parts of Nigeria are 40% in Ilorin North Central, 15.4% in South Abakaliki East and 48.1% South West (Oshogbo).

In view of the above, there is need to start educating the young adults on the causes and preventive measures on Infertility. Hence, the Fertility Awareness Initiative by Parah Family Foundation.

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