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Who we are

Parah Family Foundation (PFF) is a non-governmental organization and support group with a vision to partner with families on their journey of waiting on God for the blessing of godly children that will bring joy to their homes. PFF is passionate about the fulfilment of God’s promise in the lives of the individuals that come in contact with the Foundation. At PFF, we are convinced that most families can have their children through proper awareness of the problem, commitment to getting a godly solution to the problem and access to the required solution.

The Foundation was inaugurated in June 2011 and has since been holding monthly support meetings every 3rd Saturday of the month. These meetings have in attendance families that are going through various stages of fertility awareness and treatment, singles who seek awareness ahead of marriage and others who are simply passionate about helping families stand strong through the process of waiting for their offspring.

PFF believes that knowledge is vital for the transformation of situations and circumstances; it therefore has three primary areas of focus- Family, Medical and Spiritual –  to meet the families’ needs:


To partner with God for the restoration of hope to families especially in the area of fruitfulness


To identify with, encourage and counsel families trusting God for children through seminars, access to professional/medical  counseling, family life teachings and enlightenment programmes.

Aims & Objectives

  • To identify with, encourage and counsel families trusting God for Children.

  •     To partner with God in restoring hope to families both physically and spiritually especially in the area of child bearing.

  •     To help families access medical fertility healthcare from specialists at subsidized costs.

  •     To promote family values, love and fellowship by holding family bonding sessions, organizing training sessions on parenting and childcare.

  •     To strengthen weak hands for God’s glory to be revealed.

  •     To help in the building of happier homes through seminars, access to professional counseling and family life motivational speakers enlightenment  programmes.

  •     To do all such things as are lawful, incidental and conducive to the attainment of these aims and objectives or any one of them.


Family Life

We provide family life counseling to members through seasoned family life experts.


We facilitate awareness sessions by various medical experts on medical issues as it relates to infertility


Based on biblical principles, We teach and encourage families to trust God as they prayerfully wait for the fulfillment of their desire to have children.

Our Birth

Parah Family Foundation all began from an obedience to Gods call to go and encourage others going through the journey of fertility with the encouragement received from God after many years in the waiting room. The manifestation began after two years of another prompting of receiving the mandate in my office, the inner voice reminded me and said i should look around me even in my work place and i began to count 1, 2, 3, 4……10 …. and i said wow Lord! This is huge! I later called a closed meeting with all concerned, we all shared our pains, helplessness and challenges concerning the issue of fertility. Right there we decided same month of May 2011 to start a meeting monthly, encouraging ourselves, inviting doctors and counsellors with prayers as we believe God only can give life.  We have never looked back since then because God is confirming His words with signs and wonders. Praise God!!!!

Our Executives

Taiwo Ajiboye

Olawale Ajiboye

Ify Oluku

Josephine Chude

Abiola Andrew Iziogba

Geneview Onyewere

Tola Kolawole

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