Parah Family Foundation 9th Anniversary Celebration Meeting

Parah Family Foundation 9th Anniversary Celebration Meeting

The world is evolving and yes everyone including couples waiting to conceive need a SHIFT.

What are you thinking? How are you thinking? What in your opinion is the cause of your delay in conception?
What have you done? What can you do? Who are you speaking to? What are they saying to you?

It’s about time to have a mind SHIFT! Having a SHIFT means, to stop all forms of negative thoughts around you.

You are not defeated when you cannot have a child due to conception delays, you are defeated when you stop learning and preparing yourself for the various opportunities available to you.

It is TIME to get off the fence on this Journey! There is the need to have a SHIFT Spiritually, Maritally and Medically in your journey to Fruitfulness.

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Your testimony is next!

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