The Odukoya’s

The peace of God that passes all understanding will only be experienced when His will is done. I gave birth to my joy IniOluwa Naomi after waiting for 8yrs. The period of waiting for me, was spent with trust and believe that the word of God that says none shall be barren in my house will be fulfilled in my life.

When I did not conceive the first year after marriage, I did not see it as a big deal, I continue to hope that the following year it will happen, after the second year I started visiting the doctors and in the course of looking for medical solutions I underwent HCG procedure and was told one of the tubes is blocked. Since one of the tubes was blocked, we decided to do Laparoscopy surgery here in Nigeria which almost caused me my life as advised.

This surgery did not bring the much expected result, so I said to myself the search continues. I went to England and carried out another laparoscopy surgery, this time the professor of gynecology who was the head of the surgical team gave me all the assurances that it is a done deal. I must state here that while the medical department was busy finding solution to the reason for the delayed pregnancy, prayer was seriously in session with fasting at regular intervals with brethren constantly praying with us and encouraging us.

At a time during the waiting period, the search also took me to the United States when we decided to try the IVF method, so we were scheduled for a date that necessitated that we go back to Nigeria, and come to the US again at the appointed date.

When we also got to Nigeria, we were introduced to another IVF Specialist and did about 3 cycles without success.

Psalms 127:1 say except God build the house the workmen work in vain, despite all the human efforts medically pregnancy did not happen, why because it was not yet according to the time appointed by God. I must also state here that I was regularly attending the monthly “Shiloh Hour” at the Redemption Camp. In March 2007, I went to the office with the intention to come for the Shiloh Hour, which takes place every first Monday of every month at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, my husband got to the camp before me, while the ministration was ongoing the “Man of God” announced he was going to lay hands on all the people present that morning. My Husband called me and informed me of the announcement which was the first time such will happen. So I quickly left my office, and headed down, by the time I got to the camp, hand laying was almost ending so I joined the line and hands was laid on me. That same month, I also went through the procedure again, that same March 2007 I became pregnant and by December my joy came forth.

I must state here that while the waiting was on, my husband (Sweetheart) was solidly by my side, giving me all the needed support at all times.

After the birth of my Angel, IniOluwa (God’s Heritage) Naomi, Oluwapamilerin, Ayomide, Odukoya, the Lord began to speak to me to start using my waiting experience to encourage others and also pray with them, although I delayed, the formation of “PARAH” is the result of my obedience to the vision!

As God lives your testimony will be next, I enjoin you not to lose hope but to continue to trust and believe God, He who is faithful concerning me will also do yours and men shall rejoice with you very soon in Jesus name, Amen. Remain PARAH!

The Omojani’s

 We are eternally grateful for the rare privilege God has given us to share our testimony! We joined Parah because we believed the vision and most of all saw an opportunity to serve. We at that time had been believing God for children for 4years but that did not stop us. We started investigations at a hospital and for the first time my husband was really interested in going through it! Exactly 6months after Parah began, i was confirmed pregnant for the very first time, i had never missed my period! God confirmed the Parah vision with our first child‐Adora Oluwatosin. Thereafter God has blessed us with another child Deborah Olivia; presented at Parah’s 3rd year Anniversary. Indeed God is alive in Parah and has been good to us, making us forget the days of waiting, to HIM be glory forever.

Mr. & Mrs. Olugbenga Omojani

Adora & Deborah Omojani

My husband and I have been married close to 3 years. We live in the US and I have the best health insurance plan there is, my doctors are one of the best at Kaiser, yet no child. I wondered why I couldn’t get pregnant as I remembered how I would get pregnant for my ex boyfriends with ease and I did abort those precious babies with ease as well. I prayed for forgiveness everyday and I promised God that I would never abort a baby again. My pet daughters and family friends would call and say “Aunt I am pregnant and I don’t know what to do”, I would start praying and encouraging them to keep the baby and sometimes send them money for ante‐natal care. Some heeded my advice others didn’t but believe me I would cry from my heart when I eventually get that call and hear that voice say “Aunt sorry I couldn’t keep it, I aborted the baby”. I would think about the irony of life and how some have food but can’t eat some can eat but have no food. In 2014, they diagnosed large uterine fibroid and I had an open myomectomy surgery to take them out. August 15, 2014, I spent 5 hours in surgery and when it was over, my skin became so dark and I looked very frail too. My recovery was a long one, I had severe pain and was on heavy pain killers, I was out of job for 4 months.

As soon as my doctor said it was safe to try again my husband and I got very busy in the bedroom. We tried from Dec 2014 through Feb 2016, nothing happened. I was frustrated, as I was few months away from my 35th birthday. On Feb 25, 2016, we decided to go see the specialist so we could start looking into other options available to us. During that visit, she did an ultrasound for me and turned the screen of the ultrasound machine so my husband & I could see, behold, there was a large cyst attached to my right ovary. She measured it and said it was almost 8cm and that she would need to take it out to increase my chances of getting pregnant as I only had 50% chance of getting pregnant as I couldn’t ovulate from my right ovary. As soon as she said that, I remember vividly that my husband said “No More Surgeries”. She looked at him and smiled and said she would like to see me in a month to measure the cyst again as anything close to 10cm requires urgent surgery to prevent further complications, so she concluded that we should plan for another surgery. She scheduled another appointment to see us on April 7. We left the hospital and I cried all the way home as all I could think about was my long hours in the operating room and large stitches on my belly without a child to show for it, I thought about all the many nights I couldn’t sleep due to pain from the surgery and didn’t know how to start all over again. However, my dear husband kept reassuring me that enough of all these medical reports, he said “Honey lets go to God in prayers”. We started a 3 day fast the very next day and prayed our hearts out, on the 2nd day of the fast (Feb 27) I started bleeding and I knew it was odd as my period came 3 days early. When I told my husband, he said to me “Don’t think about it because God is set to do a new thing”. The Sunday of the weekend, we joined Salvation Ministries online service and prayed as well. On March 2, I returned from work and was trying to do our laundry, when I emptied the pockets of one of my husband’s trousers, I found a folded piece of paper, out of curiosity, I opened it, behold he had written ” My Wife’s February menstruation will be the last menstruation for the next months, we will welcome the birth of our first child latest Dec 2016″. I broke down in tears and prayed to confirm it and I hid the paper in my wallet. I remember my husband made love to me that week and for every time, he would hold my belly and pray declaring that there’s a divine conception.

Fast forward, March 27 came and I waited for my period to flow, nothing happened. I imagined since I was few days early in Feb by March 30 or 31, I should have it, nothing happened. By this time I was already asking myself if this was what I was thinking. April 4, I took a home PT and it was positive, my husband held my belly right there in the bathroom and made more declarations. We quickly made an appointment with my doctor for April 5, 2 days before her scheduled appointment to re‐measure the cyst. While in her office, she said my PT came back positive, but she would like to check on the cyst, she did an ultrasound and behold the cyst was GONE!!! She turned to us and said, whatever you guys have been doing is working. We went home happy and praising God.

A week later I started bleeding heavily, large blood clots were dropping into the toilet bowl, at some point I was rushed to the emergency unit. The doctor did another ultrasound and said she was sorry as I was in the middle of a miscarriage and that they can’t do anything to stop it, that I should go home and expect more bleeding. She said my uterus was filled with tissues breaking down into blood clots. Devastated, I cried when we got home but my husband kept saying “God’s report is different, the baby is alive”. I bled even more and went back to the hospital few days after as I was losing too much blood, my doctor did another ultrasound and the first thing she said was “I can see a SAC, but it’s empty. I’m sorry I have to send you in for an official ultrasound with better machines, so they can tell us if there’s anything in there”. I went for the official US and the Tech told me sorry all I can see is blood clots, leftovers of a miscarriage. I did another HCG test and my HCG didn’t double. On our way home, my doctor called and said I should make an appointment for a D&C to evacuate the leftovers so I can start trying again. I told her I would get back to her. My husband and I prayed and we agreed that if it’s the will of God, then I should bleed and keep bleeding till it’s all gone but a d&c is a No for us.

I bled and bled everyday for another 2 weeks and then the bleeding stopped. All my pregnancy symptoms had disappeared, but my husband insisted I keep taking my prenatal vitamins and we kept praying. We sowed seeds, as a matter of fact my husband borrowed part of the money for the sacrificial seed. I stopped working and was just home praying for God’s will. On May 5th, we decided to go back to see my doctor just to be sure that we have an all clear as to whether or not the leftovers of the miscarriage had gone away or there’s a testimony, behold, my doctor did an ultrasound and her face turned red as she looked at us, she put the machine on speaker and we heard a loud heart beat at 171 HR. She turned the screen of the ultrasound machine and there was our big BABY kicking away. She called in another doctor to confirm what she had seen and the other doctor said “YES, that’s a baby right there”. When she measured and printed out the scan, the machine printed 9 weeks, 1 day old EDD Dec 3. My Sisters & Mothers, please thank this big God that breaks medical rules for His glory.

Lagos Nigeria

The Ajiboye’s


We got married in 2011 and were believing GOD for the fruit of the womb. I was not bothered the first year because I was not stable at home but when I did not conceive the following year,I became worried. So I went for checkup and discovered I had an infection which I treated but my husband did not treat himself because he believed nothing was wrong with him.

In October 2013, we came in touch with PARAH FAMILY FOUNDATION through Sister Isioma Omojani. We made up our minds to be consistent in every meeting. The meetings were impactful.

Mrs. Odukoya encouraged my husband to go for medical examination to know if there was a medical problem, we went for the checkup at IFPF Maryland, the result showed that he had very low sperm count and I Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). We started treatment immediately: As we were receiving medical treatment, we were also taking spiritual steps like declaring GOD’s word over the baby items we bought and the ones we received from PARAH as point of contact, we also say the PARAH family confession on a daily basis. My husband could not complete his treatment at the hospital for financial reasons but we did not despair trusting GOD for everything.

In February 2014,during our monthly meeting(open discussion); A woman shared with the family how her husband was treated of low sperm count by taking a recipe(carrot, original honey and half boiled egg),I started giving my husband the recipe everyday for four months.

We had an encounter with the Word of GOD during the 3rd anniversary of the PARAH FAMILY FOUNDATION . The guest minister, Pastor Sarah said and I quote” there’s a couple here, whenever the angel of GOD brought GOD’s gift to them, he usually returned it back because of quarrel, strife and bitterness. GOD says if they can change their ways, he will visit them before the end of this year”. We knew the Word was for us, so we received it and worked with it.

August 2014, we had another Word encounter through a prophetic instruction from the GOD’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo; it was our month of praise works wonders, so he instructed that we praise GOD minimum one hour everyday for one week. We obeyed the instruction and on the last day of the praise, a Sunday, after the praise session in Church, he declared among other things, that everyone on the line for miracle children was confirmed pregnant. The word hit me as if I have never heard him say that before; that same month of August, I missed my monthly period and by the first week of September 2014, I was confirmed pregnant to the glory of GOD.

GOD made the pregnancy a sweet experience for me. There was neither morning sickness nor complication of any kind. GOD also made me deliver like the Hebrew women. It was indeed a supernatural child birth.

We return all the glory to GOD for blessing us with our prince, David, Oluwadamilare, Oluwasinaayomi and for proving over and over that He is too faithful to fail! To Him alone be all the glory!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Ajiboye

David Oluwadamilare Oluwasinaayomi

The Onyewere’s

Praiseeeeeeeeee the Lord!!!!!

I got married on the 1st of May 2007, my hubby and I agreed that we would want to have children immediately but after some months and it was not forth coming, we decided to see a gynecologist.

We were introduced to the 1st hospital in Festac, the doctor after conducting his investigation told us that my husband was ok while I was diagnosed to have fibroid and hormonal imbalance. He went further to tell us that the fibroid should not disturb conception because of where it was positioned, so he started me on fertility drug. During the course of treatment, I developed ovarian cyst and I was taken off the fertility drug for some time. While still off this drug, I discovered that I had missed my period in May 2008, the doctor later confirmed me pregnant. My husband and I were so happy but this happiness was short-lived because 3 months down the line, the doctor booked me for a scan and after the scan said that I have a “Blighted Ovum”. What does that mean, I asked the doctor and he said that the fetus was not growing and they will need to evacuate. How I still remember the horror I felt on that day, from the doctor’s office, I started calling all the pastors I know and also went to some prayer house where I was told that the pregnancy will grow back after doing all the prayer assignments given to me (laughs). I carried this pregnancy around for 2 more months believing that a miracle will happen and my baby will start growing inside of me but this did not happen and then my husband and I decided to go for the evacuation so as to give ourselves opportunity to start trying again. I started buying some fertility drugs off the counter and taking them on my own.

In 2009, I was introduced to the 2nd hospital in Surulere, a friend had gone there for IVF and it worked first time. The doctor checked us and said that my husband sperm was Ok and that I had fibroid and would advised I remove it before embarking on the IVF. I refused since I have received many doctors opinion that the fibroid does not disturb conception. I thought that he just want to make more money from me, which we don’t really have because we had to dig into our savings to embark on this treatment. So we insisted for him to do the IVF without removing the fibroid. The process started, though painful and time consuming because I had to go to the hospital almost every day while coming back from work, the process went well, my ovary produced a lot of viable eggs that the doctor advised, I gave out some to defray the cost, the retrieval and insemination went well and we all (Doctor, hubby and I) were full of high hopes that the outcome will be successful, but alas, the eggs did not implant. What went wrong? It was a very big blow to us financially and emotionally and I said to myself no more hospital for me, it is just wasting of money, money that should have been put to other material use.

Some months after this process, I took in but it ended in miscarriage in the 1st trimester, early 2010 I also took in and lost it also in the 1st trimester. Then in November 2010, I was confirmed pregnant again, I was happy but didn’t want to show it because I thought what would happen to this one again. So I decided to take it easy, was in and out of hospital and also background prayers were going on for me to carry this to term. But in March 2011, 20 weeks into the pregnancy while lying on my back in the hospital room, my water broke and then I felt something sticking out in between me, I ask my younger sister who is a doctor and just finished her housemanship to check, and she looked at me with pain in her eyes and said to me “Lechi one of the baby’s leg is out. Jesusssssssssss, I screamed, not again. This happened in the morning and the consultant gynecologist was called, he came in the afternoon and I was taken to the delivery room where I was asked to push out the baby as it was already dead, I was never taught how to push but I tried pushing but no way, so the doctor had to put something’s inside me to help bring the baby out with his hand and then my little boy came out looking so small and still. Then it was the turn of the placenta to come out but it could not, was told the position of the fibroid was blocking the placenta. They tried all they could but to no avail and the doctor ask the nurse to take me back to the room and he will come back in the morning and if we still can’t remove naturally, then he will have to operate. I was so confused, afraid, how can placenta stay inside of me overnight, when I used to hear that if a baby comes out you don’t rejoice until the placenta comes out because it is very dangerous for the mother. I was alone in the hospital ward with my little sister, no hubby, mother or father as they were unavoidably absent on that day. I placed a call to tell them the happenings and trust my mother; she called all the prayer warriors brothers in the church, my husband called on some pastors to pray for me, at this time I was so scared that I was praying to God to save my life even if it means I will not have a child. And that day, I was reassured that “Miracle still happen”, what the doctor could not do, the Lord did it for me, early hours of the next morning, I felt pressed so my sister help me up and I went into the bathroom, and Pooop, something fell from me, I didn’t know what it was, I called on my sister to see and then she said “ the placenta has come out” Ooooooooh, how relieved and happy I was and I knew that it can only be GOD. I was discharged some days later.

Then, I took a d ecision, 4 miscarriages in al most 4 ye ars of marriage wit h no known cause; I decided to go for th e Fibroid surgery. Before the surgery, the doctor advised me to go fo r a scan s o as to know the st ate of my womb and the report came out “Asherman Syndro me”. I wa s disturb ed and saying to myself what was this again but m y husband rejected this repo rt and kept saying that this is not my wif e’s report (smiles). We still w ent ahead with the fibroid surgery and after it I took in twice but they b oth still ended in m iscarriage s.

At this point, I a nd my hu sband decided to lo ok for a c hurch that can minister to our needs, an d so I came in tou ch with L aughter Foundation, also at the same ti me, I cam e to kno w Parah Foundation through the Visionary who also happen to be my Big Boss in the off ice. She to ok me in and would occasio nally call me to couns el me (spi ritually & medically). Each ti me I attended the Parah meetin gs, I alway s go backhome spiritually filled and h opeful. Infact any time

I feel d owncast, I made sure to be in the mee ting becau se I know that I will be lifted. O ne major Incidence that I still rememb er, on a p articular meeting day, I

and my husband came in a bit late, there was a pastor that was ministerin g as at that time, after his mi nistration , he looke d into the crowd and called my husban d out, he handed him his handkerch ief and p rophesy t hat he would carry h is baby soon. We held on t o this wo rd. Mean while from time to time Mrs. O dukoya (Parah’s visionary) w ould call me and ke ep encouraging me not give up  trying a s well as giving m e useful tips ran ging from  diet, healthy lifestyle , medical referrals etc.

In 2012 , I went for another IVF that did not work out, and at this point knew it was not in my power so I decided t o leave everything to God. After waiting on God for about 2 years and nothing happened, By October 2014 we decide d to try another IVF this time also usin g a surrog ate to in crease ou r chances. We made contact with the embryologist in Benue who made all arr angement and ask us to start treatment in Decem ber but because o f the elec tion that was slated for early 2015 and we were not sure ho w it will t urn out, we decide d to wait till after the election.

But we never k new that God had his own plan for us, in Fe bruary 2015 I discovered that I was pre gnant and the pregnancy period was safe and in September 29th 2015, I brought forth my bundle of joy,

Chinazamekepre, Adimchinobi, Ayomide, Leroy Onyewere

The Ogunremi’s

I waited for 24 years. I don’t even know where to start from? Is it from the marriage troubles or medicals? Well, I will begin by saying that I was a Muslim but during the course of looking for a child, I became a born again Christian which I must thank God for. I went through a lot. My legs got to where it’s shouldn’t have gotten to all for the search for a child. My ears heard what it’s not supposed to hear all in the cause of looking for a child by my own power. In all this efforts, God disappointed me. Not until I relied on him did I get my break through. I will like to implore women who are in this same shoe to be very patient as God timing is perfect.

I am Mrs Oguremi from Oyo State. I met my husband in 1991 we were both less than 30 years old at the time we got married. It was in 1995 I noticed that there was a problem of child birth in my marriage and so I started going everywhere seeking for solutions.

I had my first IVF in 2005.We gathered the funds for this IVF for 2 years after which failed. In 2006, we attempted another IVF which was successful but had miscarriage after 3 months .I thought my world was going to crumble that day. But God almighty saw me through.

I will like to advise that any couple faced with this challenge, should be as calm as possible and seek God’s direction.

My first experience was when my husband asked to take me to the church for prayer. Being a Muslim, I objected and he persuaded me and I following him to a church at Ikorodu. At the church, they told me I needed deliverance. I started crying because as a Muslim when they tell you to go for deliverance, it means that person is possessed with evil spirit. After much I went for the deliverance. During the deliverance, I suffered. I sustained lots of injuries. Some were wiping me, some were hitting me why some were slapping me. When I got home I cried and cried and I said to myself is that what is called Christian deliverance?

My second experience was at a white garment church. Here again I went through hell. I ate what on a good day I won’t ever eat all because I was desperate for a child. I was taken to a flowing river were they gave me white garment to put on. My husband was asked to wait in the car. In that river, I was seriously beaten again. In fact when I came out to meet my husband when he saw me, he felt very sorry for me.

My third experience was with a man who normally comes to my office to pick up mat for prayers who told me there is a place he will take me to for a child where he has taken a lot of women to and they succeeded. After much pressure, I agreed and I followed him out of Lagos without anyone knowing including my husband. When we got there, I was told never to tell anyone or my husband about this mission which I agreed. My husband is just hearing about this today as am sharing my testimony. When we got there, the man an Alhaji prepared some concoction which I took and he asked us to follow him into a forest with the man that brought me. At a point he asked the man who brought me not to follow us anymore that he will continue with me. We continued to go deeper into the forest at a point I became scare and I started asking the Alhaji where we were going to and he kept assuring me that is no issues that am safe. He gave me a paper to write 3 requests which I did and we continued into the deep forest until I saw a room and he asked me to remove my head tie and slipper. At this point I started asking myself what if am used for rituals as no one knew where I was. I started praying to God to help me out of this mission alive. He asked me to enter the room which I did and low and behold, inside that room was a very big IROKO tree at the middle. The leafs were used as the house roofing. He asked me to kneel down which I did and then he started talking to the tree and a strange voice was responding back to him. My prayer changed to God please take me out of here alive. I was so scared. Finally, we left the forest to his house. When we got to his house, he prepared some more concoction for me and gave me some to take back to Lagos. Why I was leaving, he called me aside and asked me to bring 24 rams that day and that I should not tell the man who brought me. I told him to give me his account number that I will transfer as soon as I get to Lagos. I knew within me that if I get to Lagos I will never return to this again. The first time I ever voiced out this secret was about one year plus after because I was scared that something bad could happen to me.

After this incident I cried out to God in prayer and fasting to forgive me. God been merciful and ever faithful heard my cry and blessed me with my wonderful twin children.

During the pregnancy, the devil struck but God disappointed him. One day I went to urinate and I noticed some blood stains and I called my sister who rushed in and calmed me down. Before I knew it the bleeding became very heavy I called my doctor and he prescribed some drugs which I took and the bleeding stopped. After 2 months, I had serious bleeding again and drugs were administered and I became well again. I was asked to go for scan which I did and behold my children were kicking. I thank God because the bleeding didn’t stop my children from coming. 4 months after I had same challenge again and God saw me through as usual. It was on the 5th month that the doctor advised me to tie my pelvic to prevent loss. I was surprised because I never knew that medical doctors also tie the womb I thought this was done only through native ways. I yielded to the doctor’s advice and my womb was tied. During this pregnancy I was advised not to do anything. Going from 8‐9 months my water got broken and was flowing like a tap and the whole bed was soaked. I was rushed to the hospital straight to the emergency room where I put to bed my wonderful twin. Praise the Lord. Our God never fails, hold on to him and He will surprise you.

The Ogunremi’s

Kehinde and Taiyeolu Ogunremi

The Akinola’s

My name is Mrs Busayo Akinola, I got married on the 1st, October 2011.After a year of unprotected regular sex in marriage, I could not get pregnant.

I and my husband started going from one hospital to another for medical checkups on fertility, we visited different gynecologist, we did several fertility tests and we were diagnosed of infections and we were both treated accordingly. My husband was also diagnosed and treated for low sperm count. We repeated all the fertility test and we were cleared of infection and my husband’s sperm count also improved. The doctor advised us to continue having regular sex that in 3 to 6 months i will get pregnant, we did as the doctor advised but there was no pregnancy.

We were invited to Parah family foundation where they started by praying. Thereafter, a Gynecologist lectured us on fertility and how to keep a good home we did all we learnt for 5 years but no pregnancy.

Every birthday, I usually celebrate my day in a special way. But On my birthday July 11th 2016, I decided to do something different. I woke up with sadness and with a heavy heart. I started praying, weeping and I asked God to give me an uncommon birthday gift

In October 2016, Mrs. Odukoya (Parah Family Foundation Visioner) and her husband Pastor Tosin Odukoya (My Church Pastor) called me and my husband to get ready for our child that before December we must carry our child I just laughed because we have already lost hope, I and my husband said Amen oooo, she advised us to start IVF treatment which we agreed but at that time, we were not capable financially which we made known to them. To our greatest surprise, they offered to assist us financially us through Parah family foundation. So we commenced treatment and the transfer was done. We were asked to come back in 2 weeks’ time after the embryo transfer for a test. To God be the glory my test result came out and behold it  was POSITIVE, it was like a dream but it was real, after 6 years of marriage doctor told me congratulations you are pregnant, it was awesome,

On the 21st of July 2017, I gave birth to a baby girl, God gave me my birthday gift, God of all possibilities made it possible for me, He changed my name from aunty Busayo to mummy Praise, Mummy Oluwasheyifunmi etc. God fulfilled his promises over my marriage, He alone is worthy of my praise. The God that did it for me will do it for you. Your testimony is NEXT!

The Adegboruwa’s

Praise Oluwasheifunmi

I got married to husband Mr. Iyanu Adegboruwa in Christ January 2011 .We desired to start having our children immediately but that didn’t happen. We tried on our own the whole of 2012 but nothing happened.

In 2013 we decided to see a gynecologist. We were asked to run various type of test which we did but the outcome of the test wasn’t too good as i was diagnosed with Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and my hubby with low sperm count .We were administered some drugs.

In September 2013, I had strange feeling in my body like I had malaria and I met Mrs. Airuoyo; Parah President who is also the Matron at my work place and I complained how I was feeling and after our long discussion she told me I may be pregnant and won’t advise that I take anti malaria drugs because she believed I was pregnant and she said taking malaria drugs can cause an abortion of the baby. I insisted that I must take the drugs and she gave me with a comment “that hope you know the result of taking this drugs and I said” yes I know; abortion.After I commenced the use of the malaria drugs, behold I discovered I was pregnant. 4 months after, it was discovered that the pregnancy was not growing and evacuation was done.

In December 2013, Mrs. Airuoyo introduced me to Parah family.  The journey continued through 2014 – 2016. Parah encouraged us in prayers and medicals. During this period, I decided to revisit a gynecologist but hubby refused to go with me “He said if you could be pregnant once there was no need seeing any gynecologist because I know God will do it again”. After much persuasion, he agreed.

In October 2016, we visited the gynecologist and I discovered I was already pregnant.

To God be the glory June 26th, 2017 I delivered a bouncing baby girl and my name changed from mum upstairs to mum Flourish Eyanrose Adegboruwa. Jesus did it.

The Magi’s

God is faithful! On November 20th, 2017, he blessed us with a set of triplets. All boys!

We got married nine years ago, precisely July 5th, 2008, and like every other couple, we were expecting to get pregnant. However, all through that year and the following year, nothing happened.  In 2010, I eventually fell pregnant but lost it at about the 23rd week. The following year, I got pregnant again but it was ectopic.

We kept trusting God that one day, he’ll answer our prayers and bless us with the fruit of the womb. When you see those who got married at about the same time as you having not just one or two but three children, you begin to wonder if and when you would have yours. However, in all of these,  we kept hope alive. We kept confessing that we were going to have triplets and in fact, went ahead to name them even before they were conceived.

One day, a mutual friend of ours invited us to Parah Family Foundation where we joined others who were also waiting on God for the fruit of the womb in prayers, teachings and supporting one another. The support system of the foundation was so strong and the testimonies we were getting of those who got their miracles so encouraging that they kept us going.

My husband was not a member initially and so only attended  when I invited him for special programmes nonetheless he would make sure that he woke me up on the day of our meeting to ensure I attended and whenever he saw that I didn’t go for the meeting, he asked why. He felt the meetings would help me to keep hope alive and afford me the opportunity to pray corporately with those who were also waiting.

On the foundation’s Thanksgiving Day in 2016, I won a competition which saw me being given a free all expense paid fertility treatment. We were asked to recite the foundation’s confession by heart and i decided to give it a shot. I didn’t have a clue what the reward would be, I am just competitive by nature and thought to do it. In fact, I thought the prize would be a book maybe on fertility or some fertility related products or better yet, a comprehensive fertility analysis because I had been given one that I didn’t follow up on. When I told my husband about the competition, he encouraged me to participate and helped me memorise the confession.   My husband even thought the prize for winning the competition might be a trip to Dubai.  Funny!

Wow! My husband and I were excited when I won the competition and learnt I would be having a free IVF procedure. Somehow, we knew our time had come.  Hitherto, I had undergone the procedure three times and all three failed. I remember whilst praying before I had the procedure,  I was always telling God that this time around, it must end in praise because Parah’s money must not go to waste.

I went for the treatment at Kingsway Specialist Hospital where God used his son, Dr. Kingsley Onwuzurigbo, an amazing and God fearing man who would pray first before doing the procedure ( which is one thing I like about him), and by the grace of God, here we are with our bundles of joy! We got exactly what we asked for: a set of triplets, all of them males.  God is indeed faithful and makes all things beautiful in his time.  Glory…!

For those of us who are members of Parah Family Foundation and still trying for a child, I would like to encourage us to keep trusting and believing in God because like the sun that rises everyday, He is ever faithful.  In his time He makes all things beautiful.  This is your time for a testimony.  Say your confession like your whole life depends on it,  preferably at midnight, and meditate on every single word because those words are powerful, and please do not cancel everything with doubts.  God is faithful and will show himself strong and mighty. He is the Mighty Almighty.

Make yourself available at meetings, avail yourself of advice from medical personnel that come to talk to us,  learn from others experiences and most importantly, pray without ceasing.  It will end in praise!

The Daniel’s

We got married April, 2009 and never imagined we would not start having our own children immediately after our wedding.

In January, 2010 we moved from one hospital to another without any positive result.

In 2012, after two years of no specific diagnosis, I was told I had hormonal imbalances and was advised to go for IVF without any delay. My doctor was of the opinion that we go for IVF treatment while age was still on my side and referred us to an IVF clinic. When we were told the cost of the IVF treatment, we were overwhelmed .We decided to seek other cheaper options. My husband met a gynecologist and we started in that clinic. This doctor was of the contrary opinion that I was still young and IVF should be our last option.

On this journey, we prayed, fasted and went for deliverances. We had anointed men of God and brethren pray with us but our situation still remained the same.

I was invited to Parah Family Foundation monthly meeting in 2013. I attended three meetings and then stopped.  Little did I know that God was going to answer our prayer through this ministry. Despite being blessed in the meetings I felt I needed a gathering where serious and thunderous prayers on fertility are raised.

In December 2015, I personally got tired of using drugs and going through one procedure or the other. We visited our gynecologist that month and left disappointed. As we walked out of the hospital, I told myself I have had enough and I and my husband decided that night that we should go for IVF treatment in 2016.

In January, 2016 while observing prayer and fasting in my church the Holy Spirit asked me to ask God on what to do about our fertility issue but this made no sense to me because we already knew what to do (to go for IVF procedure and go for it that year).

However I obeyed God, I sought His face on what we should do in the New Year. God gave me three instructions but the third surprised me. He said start attending Parah meetings. I told God I will do just that when I conclude my MBA.

In March, 2017 I attended Parah monthly meeting again since after March, 2014 that I stopped attending the meetings. I met the visioner(Mrs. Odukoya) and discussed my situation with her.

In April 2017, Parah supported us to begin the IVF procedure and the burden of where and how to go about pregnancy matter was lifted just like that.

I was confirmed pregnant in May 2017 for the first time in my life. It was like a dream.

In December 2017, I delivered my set of triplets (2 boys and a girl).God recovered all our lost years and gave us rest.

We encourage couples who are waiting to trust God and His word. He can never lie. Add works to faith. Don’t ever give up. The God that did it beyond our expectation will surely visit you in Jesus name. AMEN

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