We partner with God for the restoration of hope to families in their fertility journey.
Parah Family Foundation (PFF) is a non-governmental organization with a vision to support families as they wait on God’s goodness for the blessing of Godly children that reveals His glory. We are passionate about seeing the promises of God become a reality in the lives of the many families that comes in contact with us and believe that their expectations of having their own children would be delivered to them.
Dayo Odukoya

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Annual Orphanage Visit
Venue: The Mainland and Island Adopted Homes
Date:    16th November, 2019

What We Do

Family Life

We provide various family life counselling and teachings to our members through family talks and healthy interactions by seasoned family life experts. Testimonies abounds in Parah as our joy knows no bound each time members conceives and take delivery of their new babies. We therefore invite you to join us as we press on in reaching out to families, rebuilding homes and God multiplying our testimonies.


We bring various medical experts to enlighten members on medical issues which lots of families are ignorant of in the course of their search for solutions to fertility issues. We have also partnered with various fertility clinics who have supported PFF members with discounted price in Assisted Reproductive Techniques.


We teach and encourage families to trust God as they look forward to the conception of their children either naturally or through ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques).

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Life is a journey not a destination. Everyone is created to embark on a journey of life which ends with a journey to eternity (heaven or hell). When a person sets out on a journey, there are lots of things they come across; it can either be good or bad.

There are also different kinds of journey a man makes in a life time. It can be a physical journey, marital journey or a spiritual journey. Whichever journey a man wants to embark upon, you need strength to accomplish it. A journey can be full of stress or stress free and interestingly every man has one journey or the other to make in life and these journeys comes with diverse experiences and challenges.

Life may not go as planned and you cannot know everything that will happen to you in the journey of life; there will be ups and downs, storms along the way, on this journey there are experiences to be gathered, lessons to be learnt and these are usually for a purpose. Some of the reasons or purposes could be to test your faith, develop your character, get you out of your comfort zone and strengthen you or to learn new things.

There is a saying that ‘Without test, there is no testimony’.

Parah is the product of real life challenge turned positive, using the pains and lessons to reach out to others facing the same; and thanks be to God who has created outstanding testimonies in the lives of many who have been touched by this sacrificial foundation: ‘Journey to Parah’.

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