FertilityConnect is a fertility counseling consulting services, an arm of Parah Family Foundation that provides support to families before, during and after their fertility journey.

The services is provided by a Certified Holistic Fertility Counselor who has experienced the same challenge and have the pedigree to support couples throughout the journey by providing emotional, psychological and spiritual support.

Infertility is a major challenge affecting 1 in 5 newly married couples and unfortunately many are either ignorant or confuse about what to do and the few who visit the hospitals do so very late, hence the need to have right and timely counsel, guidance and support throughout the journey.

Have you ever felt so alone on your fertility journey?

It’s very uncommon not to feel that way as a waiting parent, this I hear from most families waiting to have their own children. I’m sorry if you’ve also felt this way.

Many couples like you are going through emotional breakdown and loosing or have lost hope by hearing friends and families say ‘God will do it’, ‘Just be patient, it will happen’ or after undergoing many Fertility treatments or procedures only to be told that ‘we have tried all we could’. Many like you feel unheard and unseen, surrounded by people who don’t just get the pain of yearning for a complete family.

I can connect with you @fertilityconnect because I have been there and not just that, I have counseled many couples, wipe tears through counseling and rekindled hope, and today they have their testimonies by God’s grace.

This is why I will like to hold your hands through your waiting journey, to share in your pain and silence, hear your unanswered questions and together we can find the solutions you need.

Be assured that we will connect with you spiritually, physically and emotionally before during and after your miracle has arrived.

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You can also reach us by WhatsApp number 08023128366 or email fertilityconnect@gmail.com.

I look forward to walking this journey with you.

Princess ‘Dayo Odukoya
Holistic Fertility Counselor