The peace of God that passes all understanding will only be experienced when His will is done. I gave birth to my joy IniOluwa Naomi after waiting for 8yrs. The period of waiting for me, was spent with trust and believe that the word of God that says none shall be barren in my house will be fulfilled in my life.

When I did not conceive the first year after marriage, I did not see it as a big deal. I continued to hope that the following year it would happen. After the second year, I started visiting the doctors and in the course of looking for medical solutions, I underwent HCG procedure and was told one of my tubes was blocked. Since one of the tubes was blocked, we decided to do laparoscopy surgery here in Nigeria which almost caused me my life as advised.

This surgery did not bring the much expected result, so I said to myself the search continues. I went to England and carried out another laparoscopy surgery, this time the Professor of Gynecology who was the head of the surgical team gave me all the assurances that it was a done deal. I must state here that while the medical department was busy finding solution to the reason for the delayed pregnancy, prayer was seriously in session with fasting at regular intervals with brethren constantly praying with us and encouraging us.

At a time during the waiting period, the search also took me to the United States where we decided to try the IVF method. We got scheduled for a date that necessitated that we go back to Nigeria, and return to the US again at the appointed date.

When we also got to Nigeria, we were introduced to another IVF Specialist and did about 3 cycles without success.

Psalms 127:1 says except God build the house, the workmen labour in vain. Despite all the human efforts medically, pregnancy did not happen. This was because it was not yet according to the time appointed by God. I must also state here that I was regularly attending the monthly “Shiloh Hour” at the Redemption Camp. In March 2007, I went to the office with the intention to attend the Shiloh Hour, which takes place every first Monday of every month at the Redeemed Christian Church of God. My husband got to the camp before me. While the ministration was ongoing the “Man of God” announced he was going to lay hands on all the people present that morning. My husband called me and informed me of the announcement which was the first time such will happen. So I quickly left my office, and headed down, by the time I got to the camp, hand laying was almost ending so I joined the line and hands was laid on me. That same month, I also went through the procedure again, that same March 2007 I became pregnant and by December my joy came forth.

I must state here that while the waiting was on, my husband (Sweetheart) was solidly by my side, giving me all the needed support at all times.

After the birth of my Angel, IniOluwa (God’s Heritage) Naomi, Oluwapamilerin, Ayomide, Odukoya, the Lord began to speak to me to start using my waiting experience to encourage others and also pray with them, although I delayed, the formation of “PARAH” is the result of my obedience to the vision!

As God lives your testimony will be next, I enjoin you not to lose hope but to continue to trust and believe God, He who is faithful concerning me will also do yours and men shall rejoice with you very soon in Jesus name, Amen. Remain PARAH!

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