Adora and Deborah Omojani

Adora and Deborah Omojani

We are eternally grateful for the rare privilege God has given us to share our testimony! We joined Parah because we believed the vision and most of all saw an opportunity to serve. We at that time had been believing God for children for 4 years but that did not stop us. We started investigations at a hospital and for the first time my husband was really interested in going through it!
Exactly 6 months after Parah began, I was confirmed pregnant for the very first time, I had never missed my period! God confirmed the Parah vision with our first child‐Adora Oluwatosin. Thereafter, God has blessed us with another child Deborah Olivia; presented at Parah’s 3rd year Anniversary. Indeed God is alive in Parah and has been good to us, making us forget the days of waiting, to Him be glory forever.

Mr. & Mrs. Olugbenga Omojani

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