Parah Family Foundation to Tackle Infertility

Parah Family Foundation to Tackle Infertility

The Founder of Parah Family Foundation, Mrs Dayo Odukoya, has called on  government, individuals and corporate organizations to support the vision to increase awareness on how to eradicate infertility myth and stigmatization.

She made this call during the ‘Fertility Walk’, an awareness campaign held in Lagos.

Odukoya explained that financial partners were needed for her NGO and towards the success of the 2020 Fertility Conference with the theme ‘Bridging the Gap in Fertility’ to be held in March, which would feature Louise Brown the 1st IVF baby in the world.

She said, “We are here this morning to have Fertility Walk an awareness initiated by Parah to let people especially families that are waiting for children. We want them to know that they need to speak out. We also want people to know that they do not have to be stigmatized. A lot of homes especially the in-laws look down on them because they do not have children.

“We are telling them that they need to show them some love and care as that is the only way they will be stress free and they will be able to have children,”

Odukoya further explained that a lot of couples were ignorant of their conditions and they do not even know what to do, adding that it was part of the reasons for the 2020 conference theme.

“At this conference, when we come together you will be made to know what you don’t know. There is a gap in between what you don’t know, ‘The Options’. We are bringing experts together and they will tell us what we need to do to overcome the problem of infertility,” she said.

Source: Punch Newspapers


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