Egg Freezing – Dr. Ailoje

Egg Freezing – Dr. Ailoje

You can keep your eggs until you’re ready for babies –  Dr. Ailoje

In anticipation of the upcoming Fertility Conference 2019 powered by Parah Family Foundation, we will be sharing piece from our expected speaker for the conference. Dr. Ailoje, an experienced Reproductive Endocrinologist & Fertility/ IVF Specialist, in her publication in Vanguard Newspaper shared a burden on reproductive health, particularly for women.

In her statement, infertility is a global challenge and a lot of women require specialist treatment. “It is a different thing if you have a fibroid and can go to a General Hospital or clinic. Infertility is a hormone-based treatment provided by a specialist.

You can be 28 or 30 years and walk into the fertility Centre and say you want your eggs preserved while awaiting Mr. Right or until you are ready to have your babies, you just want to become what you want to become. It is about encouraging people to preserve, start or enlarge their families. That is my invisible logo. Preserving your fertility or starting your family or enlarging the family.”

For her, it is not every 25-year-old that will find a husband today. “There is still going to be a percentage of people who even though being nice, beautiful, virgins and are still unmarried and they can only wait for Mr. Right or work things out themselves. “We are saying that while you are waiting, what if Mr. Right comes when you are 43years old, in which case all of the ripe eggs are gone?

So, it is about having information to make informed decision. If I know I can keep my eggs for when I am ready it will make a lot of decisions for me. If I do not know, then I leave it. The point is that people need to know there is a facility in which they can preserve their eggs.

Would you love to know more of this and how you can benefit from this fertility intervention? Dr. Ailoje will be speaking at Parah Family Fertility Conference 2019, scheduled to hold on March 16, 2019 at Oriental Hotel, VI, Lagos.

For registration details, click to go to Parah Fertility Conference homepage now www.parahfamilyfoundation/conference2019

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